Coroner charter for Buckinghamshire

Last updated: 30 December 2021

Enquiries not requiring an investigation

If a death is reported which does not need to be the subject of an investigation, a certificate giving the cause of death will be sent to the registrar of deaths within 2 working days of the completion of the coroner's enquiries.

Post mortems

When the coroner decides that a post mortem is necessary, wherever possible, the immediate next of kin whose details are known will be given:

  • an explanation why a post mortem is necessary and what is involved, if requested
  • advance notice of the arrangements, so that they may be represented (by a doctor) if they wish (but post mortem examinations must normally be undertaken as soon as possible)
  • a copy of the post mortem report, is automatically sent to the GP for the deceased who can then explain the findings to you

After considering the results of a post mortem the coroner may decide that an inquest is not necessary and that any formal investigation being undertaken can be discontinued.