Coroner charter for Buckinghamshire

Last updated: 30 December 2021



This charter tells you what standards of performance are to be expected in the Coroner’s Service, and what to do if something goes wrong. This charter relates to the Coroner’s Service in Buckinghamshire.

The Buckinghamshire Coroner’s Service operates within a legal framework.

It is the duty of coroners to investigate deaths reported to them which appear to be due to violence, are unnatural, of unknown cause, or which occur in legal custody.


The Buckinghamshire coroner and his staff will treat the bereaved and other members of the public courteously and sympathetically at all times. They will have regard (within the constraints of the statutory duties) to the deceased's religious faith and cultural traditions.

Duties will be discharged impartially, with a view to ascertaining the facts surrounding a death for the purpose of the coroner's statutory responsibilities.

Confidentiality will be preserved as far as possible within a system based on public court hearings. Explanations for the procedures adopted in particular cases will be given, on request, where the coroner is satisfied that the person has a proper interest.


Written enquiries to the coroner will normally receive a reply within 5 working days of receipt. If the matter cannot be resolved within that time, an acknowledgement will be issued within 5 working days with an estimate of when a substantive reply will be available (usually not more than 28 days).

If your enquiry relates to an archived file, please note that the response time is within three working weeks.