View, start or sign a petition

If there's an issue you feel strongly about, you can start or sign a petition about it. We welcome all paper, electronic or e-petitions created and submitted through our website.

Petitions normally call for:

  • a change in council policy
  • a committee to investigate a particular issue
  • something to be debated at a full council meeting

Sign a petition

Everyone who signs a petition should give their name, address and signature.

Anyone who lives, works or studies within Buckinghamshire can sign a petition (including those under 18).

You can view all open petitions and add your signature to any you support.

Rules for petitions

We will not consider petitions that are:

  • offensive or frivolous
  • about planning or licensing applications or policy
  • outside of the council’s responsibility

Start a petition

If there is not a petition on the issue you are concerned about, you can start your own. If you start a petition, you are known as the ‘petition organiser’.

A petition must include:

  • the name and contact details of the petition organiser
  • a short, clear statement explaining what the petition is about
  • a statement explaining what action the you want the council to take

Start a petition online

If you create an ePetition, it will run for 28 days online.

What happens after you start a petition

What happens to a petition depends on how many signatures it gets. Your petition needs a minimum of 10 signatures.

You may want to discuss your petition with one of your ward councillors to ensure the best form of engagement with the council.

All petitions will receive confirmation of receipt within 3 clear working days. View the full petitions scheme (part B 3 of the constitution).

Speak to our petitions office

Telephone: 01296 382 343
Email: [email protected]