Join our Customer Partnership Panel

Your views are vital to shaping the council's digital vision for the future.

Our Customer Partnership Panel is an opportunity for you, as a resident, to give us advice on:

  • our website
  • our forms
  • the other ways we communicate with you; such as letters, emails or updates

We will listen to your feedback and look for ways to improve. We'll also give you regular updates on what changes have been made as a result of that feedback.

Becoming a panel member

To become a panel member you must: ​

  • live in the Buckinghamshire Council area​
  • be aged 18 or over​

Before joining, read the information below to find out what your involvement would be.

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Taking part in the panel

Participation in the panel will provide valuable insight into how we communicate with our communities and how we run our digital services. ​

We will contact you several times a year to get your views on:

  • how we communicate with our residents through letters, emails, the website or other means
  • our digital services.

We may ask to you take part in:

  • online surveys
  • postal surveys
  • telephone surveys, in certain cases

However, you can choose how we contact you and if you want to attend focus groups or not.​

As a panellist you'll receive regular feedback, showing how the results have influenced decisions. All survey results will also be made available online.​


We plan to run a small number of surveys each year, so you may only need to dedicate 10 minutes to answer a survey every few months.

In some cases the survey may only be distributed to a sample drawn from the complete panel. This means you may not necessarily be consulted on all issues.​​

Panellists who want to be more involved may have the chance to take part in additional activities such as small forums or special events.


The panel doesn’t usually meet in person. However we may host special events that give everyone on the panel a chance to meet representatives from the council.

We may occasionally invite some panellists (around 10 per group) to join focus groups. ​

These meetings will take place online using Microsoft Teams.​

How we use your details

Your details will not be used for any purpose other than for the Customer Partnership Panel, whether that be by taking part in surveys or being invited to related events.

Your personal details will be stored securely and held separately from any questionnaire returns. This ensures that your individual views and opinions remain anonymous.

All survey answers will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be used to monitor the way we deliver our services to local people.

Panellists will receive a unique identification number that will be used for all correspondence.​

Leaving the panel

Let us know if:

  • your contact details change
  • you are moving out of Buckinghamshire
  • you want to leave the panel

We can then update your membership details or remove you from the panel.