Apply for a walk-in waste permit

If you plan to go to the household recycling centre on foot, you will need to apply for a waste permit before you go.

Recycling rules for waste permits

There are some rules for waste permit holders:

  • site staff can refuse entry to residents who need a permit but do not have one
  • all waste brought to the site must be from the permit holder's home
  • the householder who applied for the permit must be there when the waste is brought to the recycling centre
  • once the time limit has run out on your permit, you must renew before you visit again
  • no business waste allowed to disposed of using a permit

Business customers can visit the business waste pages for more information.

Apply or renew

Make sure you have your walk-in waste permit before you visit the site.

You need to create an account to use this service. The permit is free to apply for and use.

Apply now

To renew your permit, you will need to login to your account.

After you've applied for or renewed

After you've applied for or renewed your permit:

  • we will send your e-permit via email with a QR code
  • you will need to present the QR code to site staff (either in electronic or paper format) before you can dispose of any waste
  • permits are valid for 31 days (up to 90 days on renewal)

Assistance with applying for a waste permit

If do not have internet access you can apply for a permit using the internet facilities available at your local library.