Working with professionals

Education, Health and Care coordinators (EHCCo)

EHCCos are part of the Buckinghamshire integrated SEND team which also include specialist teachers and educational psychologists. You can find out the name of your EHCo and information about the role from the Buckinghamshire education, health and care (EHC) co-ordinators webpage.

You may wish to copy in the area hub email address which is:

You should send all paperwork relating to annual reviews to your relevant area:

The integrated SEND team now also has a support line: 01296 382135. Your call will be answered by a Specialist Teacher, an EHC Co-ordinator (EHCCo) or an Educational Psychologist. Find more information about the iSEND support line.

Occasionally, you may need to contact your EHCCos line manager, for example if you have not heard from your EHCCo after 5 working days.

The SEND escalation process for each area is explained more fully here: