Local Development Scheme

Last updated: 23 February 2021

5. Background and supporting information

This section sets out the key inputs to the preparation of local plans.

Strategic policy context

We use the following to guide us on the strategic policy context:

Technical studies

It is important that we have a robust but proportionate technical evidence base to inform the development of local plans and their proposals.

This can include studies on different areas and different topics, and also currently needs to include a sustainability appraisal.

Community and stakeholder feedback

It's important that we have good conversations with the community and stakeholders about what goes into local plans. The Statement of Community Involvement, which we’re working on now, sets out the way that we aim to do this.

It's important that these conversations have the right depth and focus, matching the scale of the issues and proposals being considered.

Approval of plans

Formal approval of final documents takes place via Cabinet and Council. Formal Member scrutiny of emerging proposals happens through the Select Committees, as appropriate.


Our Monitoring Report will provide an annual update on progress in preparing plans against the key milestones in this LDS.

We will highlight any issues that may trigger the need for a review of the LDS. It is likely we will review this LDS once we know more from the government on its proposals for reform to the local plans system as outlined in the Planning White Paper and on when those reforms will come into force.