Building in a conservation area

Check if your property is in a conservation area

If your property is in a conservation area, there may be rules on what you can and cannot do to it.

You may need to make a planning application before any work starts.

Check our Heritage portal to see if you're in a conservation area and to find listed buildings in Buckinghamshire, or select your local area for more information:

Conservation Area Appraisals

Conservation areas

A conservation area is an area of special historic or architectural interest that is considered to be worth preserving or enhancing.

Conservation areas can include:

  • listed or unlisted buildings
  • historic village greens and open spaces
  • enclosed market places
  • historic street layouts
  • unusual historic field patterns
  • features of archaeological interest or historical association

There are extra planning controls in conservation areas to protect their character and heritage.

Conservation areas are designated and protected under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.