Building Control services and fees

Below is a list of charges and fees for Building Control services, including Building Control history checks, how to request a site inspection, and building regulation application charges.

We also offer paid planning services, including planning advice services, planning application services, and environmental specialist services.

Building Control history check

Searching the property history and providing a maximum of 6 documents electronically (if we hold the information): £25

Contact your local area to request a Building Control history check:

Unfortunately we cannot confirm that we hold the document. If no document is found, the fee is not refundable.

Request a Building Control site inspection

Contact your local area to request a site inspection

Apply for building regulations approval

Apply for building regulations approval through the Planning Portal.

Read more about applying for building regulations approval.

Building regulation application charges

See below for our different building regulation application charges. Standard charges will apply for domestic work, and the charges stated below are VAT inclusive.

Please contact your local Building Control team if you require any further information on services and charges: