Buckinghamshire Design Awards 2020

Last updated: 22 September 2021

10. History of the Design Awards

Historically the design awards have highlighted the value placed on good design by the legacy councils of Buckinghamshire by celebrating and publicising the quality of design in our area. Most obviously they have provided a shop window for architects and agents and endorsed the commitment of clients and landowners. They have also celebrated the efforts of our planners and their consultees – and it is this that is perhaps the most enduring legacy of the design awards scheme and its effect on the quality of our environment.

Over the years this has led to improvements in even the most mundane applications as a result of the raised awareness of what is possible, what can be achieved, and how good design can improve any and all proposals. The commitment of planners to achieving good design by understanding its value, pushing for higher standards through negotiation and recommendation ultimately has the potential for the greatest impact on the places in which we live, work and enjoy.