New road: South East Aylesbury Link Road (SEALR)

The Council continues to be involved in discussions with central government regarding the full financing of the project.

Securing those finances has taken longer than anticipated, but we recently had the good news that a substantial portion of the funding is agreed, and we are awaiting the paperwork.

We continue negotiations with landowners to secure the land for the project, and are ensuring that we work to achieve the best value for the taxpayer.

We plan to make an announcement in the near future and expect to be able to start the next phase of the works soon afterwards. The Council remains committed to delivering the required infrastructure to deliver growth in the County.

1.1 miles of dual carriageway connected by 3 roundabouts to form part of the Aylesbury Orbital Link Road.

Main Line Construction works start date: February 2023

Project start date: June 2016

Completion date: Summer 2026

Location of works

Phase 1: B4443 Lower Road to A413 Wendover Road.

Phase 2: B4443 Lower Road to the future junction with South West Aylesbury Link Road and Stoke Mandeville Relief Road.

Projects aims

The South East Aylesbury Link Road (SEALR) is a 2 phase project that will respond to:

  • the realignment of the A4010 as the single carriageway Stoke Mandeville Relief Road
  • Aylesbury's future development plans

SEALR aims to reduce the effects of the Stoke Mandeville Relief Road by providing a link between the A413 Wendover Road and the B4443 Lower Road (phase 1). It will form a critical part of the Aylesbury Orbital Link Road.

The project will also provide a dual carriageway link to connect the B4443 Lower Road, the South West Aylesbury Link Road and the Stoke Mandeville Relief Road.

Phase 1 will:

  • connect to the proposed Southern Link Road through the Hampden Fields development
  • build 2 new roundabouts on the B4443 Lower Road and A413 Wendover Road
  • construct approximately 1.2 kilometres of dual carriageway
  • build a road bridge crossing the Aylesbury to Marylebone railway line
  • provide a replacement public open space for the Stoke Grange and Wendover Park estates
  • underground the existing overhead electricity cables to the north of the proposed road

Phase 2 will:

  • construct approximately 500 metres of dual carriageway
  • build a new roundabout connecting the Stoke Mandeville Relief Road and the future South West Aylesbury Link Road (SWALR)

SEALR forms part of the broader Aylesbury Transport Strategy (PDF, 14.2 MB).

Project benefits

Completing this project will:

  • reduce congestion by redirecting traffic around town via the Orbital Link Roads
  • improve walking and cycling by providing two new cycleways/footways
  • enhance local ecology by achieving a 10% net gain in biodiversity (individually on both phases 1 and 2)
  • bring more investment, employment and opportunity to Buckinghamshire
  • enable us to deliver the Aylesbury Garden Town 1 development site
  • relieve pressure on the access to Stoke Mandeville Hospital, a key route for emergency vehicles

Upcoming works

Project programme

Activity Phase 1 date Phase 2 date
Public consultation July 2018 February 2021
Preliminary design completed October 2019 September 2022
Planning submission March 2020 February 2023
Planning approval July 2021 June 2023

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