Transport modelling

Apply to use our transport models

You can apply to use our models for your own development.

Before you begin

If you'd like to use one of our models for your own development, you should contact [email protected].

We can advise on the best model to use and provide a quote for the work.


Access fees

This is a charge to access our transport models.

Type of model Fee

Junction or data extract


Small local (fewer than 150 dwellings)


Medium local (more than 150 dwellings)


Large county (countywide)


Maintenance fees

A maintenance fee of 30% applies for the use of all models and contributes future development of transport models within the council.

Complete an application form

After you've applied

After you’ve agreed to the quote and completed the application form, we’ll run the models using your data. We’ll then issue a ‘Model Technical Note’.