Winter driving advice

Winter driving module

Clearing snow

GOV.UK provide advice on how to clear snow from a road, path or cycleway.

For clearing public roads and pavements, the council provides salt bins.

Preparing for your journey

You may need to adapt the way you drive during the winter and be prepared for varied weather, road and traffic conditions.

  • only travel when absolutely necessary
  • allow more time for your journey
  • slow down and leave increased space between you and the vehicle in front
  • plan your journey

Listen to local radio and traffic reports, they can help with planning your journey.

Preparing your vehicle

Keep the following in the car:

  • de-icing equipment
  • torch
  • warm clothes
  • blanket
  • spade
  • food and drink
  • high visibility jacket
  • first aid kit
  • hazard warning triangle
  • mobile phone
  • wellington boots

Make sure to check that:

  • tyres are at the correct pressures
  • tyres have sufficient tread
  • vehicle lights are clean and working
  • wiper blades are effective
  • battery is in good condition and fully charged
  • vehicle antifreeze is the right concentration (your garage can do this for you)
  • windows and mirrors are clear of ice or condensation
  • you have plenty of fuel

For further information on how to travel safely in winter, visit the RAC website.