Request a new salt bin

Salt bins are across the county for drivers and pedestrians to treat local areas.

They are filled before and during the winter season, as priorities allow, with a 50/50 mix of:

  • salt
  • sharp sand

Salt bins are for use on the public roads and pavements only.

We will accept orders for new bins from March to August. Subject to site approval and payment, these will be installed between September and November of the same year. As our winter maintenance resources are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the highway network, any order placed outside this period will be added to the following year request list.

We carry a limited stock on this product and must ensure we have sufficient to cover damaged salt bins in high risk areas throughout the winter season.

We do not provide salt heaps at the side of the road, as saline run off may harm the local environment.

How to request a new salt bin

To request a new salt bin:

  • Log your request for a salt bin on Fix My Street, under the category Highway Licence Application, subcategory request/pay for a new salt bin
  • The site requested will be inspected for safety by the Local Area Technician who will respond within 28 days
    • If approved, you will receive an email with a unique link to make the payment online
    • If unsuccessful, you will receive an email advising the site requested has been unsuccessful

We are unable to provide an exact date when the salt bin will be installed but it will be between September and November. Once sited, it will show on the Fix My Street mapping layer as an individual asset. Salt bins are for use on the public highway (footpath and road) and are not for private use.

We'll consider requests for new salt bins at known trouble spots on the public highway. 

Funding for new salt bins elsewhere will need to be provided externally.

We are able to sell salt bins to private organisations with links to the council, such as:

  • social care properties
  • education locations
  • Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service

Once installed, we'll have no future liability for them beyond the limits of the public highway.

We do not replenish roadside salt heaps, as saline run off may harm the local environment.

For more information, contact Buckinghamshire Highways.

You must have an email address to use the online reporting site (FixMyStreet).

Request a new salt bin


Initial set up and first refill for a new salt bin costs £450. This is the same as new salt bins on the public highway.

Funding for a new salt bin will need to be paid for by the person or group that is making the application as Buckinghamshire Highways are unable to fund new salt bins.

It may be possible for Buckinghamshire Highways to restock these bins at a cost of £100 per occasion.

New estate roads

All new salt bin requirements will be assessed.

Salt bin requests for new housing estates will need to be applied and paid for by the developer, following the process above.