Request installation of an electronic road sign

A Mobile Vehicle Activated Sign (MVAS), also known as a Speed Indicator device (SID), is a road sign where the message only becomes visible when the approaching vehicle is going over a certain speed.

Applying for an MVAS to be installed

View the Buckinghamshire Highways' Community Board Guidance for information on how we can help solve problems with speeding cars and improve road safety in your local area.

Town and Parish Councils can complete an application form after reading the guidance below.

Requirements for installing an MVAS

You will need to:

  • tell us the information you would like to be displayed on the sign (only appropriate information will be approved)
  • organise a one-off training session with the supplier
  • purchase solar MVAS units to minimise environmental impacts unless there is a justified reason for using non-solar powered MVAS units
  • apply for a section 171 license if you need to break ground

If the MVAS unit is not being fitted to existing street furniture, you should also:

  • buy hinged posts and ground screws to attach the unit
  • apply for a road space booking as traffic management may be required for the installation of posts

You can only install 1 MVAS for a minimum of 4 sites and only 2 MVAS per Parish (a minimum of 8 sites).

What you need to provide with your application

To support the application, you will need to show:

  • evidence of a conversation with your local area technician to confirm that installation of an MVAS in the desired location is possible
  • where you want the MVAS to be located
  • a risk assessment for each site
  • data to evidence the need for an MVAS at that location (for example speed tube data, resident feedback or police communication)
  • that you've consulted residents who live near the proposed location of each site
  • where the MVAS will be moved every 4 to 6 weeks
  • evidence of a minimum of £5 million public liability insurance

Complete the application form

Complete our MVAS application form (PDF, 1.22MB) and send it to:

Mary McElhinney
Buckinghamshire Council
10th Floor
Walton Street Offices
Walton Street
HP20 1UA