Request an electronic road sign

Vehicle Activated Signs (VAS) are road signs that can display either the speed limit, a driver's current speed, or warn of a hazard ahead.

Request a VAS

Parish or town councils can request a VAS by completing an application form

If no parish or town council exists, a local county councillor can request this.

Visit our ModGov website to find details of your parish or town council.

For a permanent VAS to be considered at a site, Transport for Bucks (TfB) will check:

  • collision history
  • speed of traffic
  • condition of existing signing and lining
  • whether other measures may be more suitable

Where a VAS is agreed and will be provided in front of or adjacent to residential properties, TfB or the local council will notify and confirm support from affected residents and the local county councillor.

There will also be an additional cost to obtain speed data.

There are a number of suppliers and contractors who can supply and/or install the VAS on the highway in Buckinghamshire. These can be provided on request.

Request a Mobile VAS (MVAS)

MVAS can be purchased by the parish/town council, using the MVAS application form

A mobile VAS can be fitted to:

  • a verge or back of a footway (drivers must be able to see them in good time to adjust their speed)
  • existing posts (as long as they leave room on that post to ensure a minimum mounting height)
  • Buckinghamshire Council columns (on a site by site basis)

There should be a minimum of 0.5m between the edge of the road and the sign.

You will also require permission to undertake the work, you can request a road space booking online. This costs £155 plus VAT.

Each MVAS location must have a risk assessment carried out, a sample assessment can be found on the HSE website

Highway Authority reserves the right to remove the MVAS, if it presents a risk to the public

For information, read our VAS policy.