Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Policy

Last updated: 9 February 2022

Asset Management Activities

The Asset Management (AM) Framework consists of:

  • this policy
  • a strategy
  • a performance management framework
  • a number of plans developed to establish a series of consistently selected and risk-based maintenance programmes that are compliant with relevant regulations and guidance

The risk-based approach identifies the most appropriate and effective treatments according to the criticality of assets to take the optimum course of action in meeting the Council’s Aims and Transport for Buckinghamshire’s (TfB) Objectives, and to achieve the most efficient use of resources.

A Communications Strategy ensures that relevant information is provided to key stakeholders (including Members) to inform the setting of performance targets, budgets and in making key decisions, including forward works programmes. These forward works programmes are developed, integrated and coordinated to make best long-term use of resources to maintain a safe network. They build resilience to maximise accessibility and availability, and to manage highways effectively and efficiently. The programmes embrace innovation and new technologies to minimise carbon and to protect Buckinghamshire’s special environment.

Competent personnel are required to implement the framework which includes provision for training and development to enhance asset management understanding and knowledge. This framework’s performance is monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure a process of continual improvement, in both its systematic approach and the value derived from maintenance activities carried out across the highway infrastructure, is achieved.