Check where Blue Badge holders can park

Use our interactive map to check where Blue Badge holders can park in Buckinghamshire.

On the map you need to:

  1. Select 'traffic orders'
  2. Use the 'legend' button to tick 'disabled badge holders only'
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Places you can park using your Blue Badge

There are certain places that your Blue Badge allows you to park for free:

Parking restrictions and schemes

There are local restrictions and parking schemes that may stop you parking for free in:

  • off-street car parks (such as supermarkets, hospitals or local councils)
  • town centres where local schemes are in operation
  • on-street parking areas where all motorists can park for free but only for a limited time
  • private roads
  • places reserved for specific users, such as resident bays or loading bays
  • suspended meter bays or when use of the meter is not allowed
  • where temporary parking restrictions are in force, such as areas shown by no-waiting cones

For full details about where you can and cannot park, see The Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England (GOV.UK).

Parking in Wycombe

Blue Badge holders previously had to register to use certain car parks in High Wycombe. You no longer need to register your vehicle to park at:

  • Easton Street
  • Wycombe Swan
  • Handy Cross Park & Ride

Parking outside your home

You can apply for a disabled parking space on a public road.

This can be for yourself or for someone else in your household, as long as the criteria is met.