Change the details associated with your Blue Badge

You should tell us if you change your name or address.

You do not need to tell us if your car or number plate changes.

Change of name

If your name has changed you can request a replacement badge.

You can carry on using your old badge until the new one arrives.

Change of address

If your new address is still within Buckinghamshire, you should send us proof of your new address.

Documents accepted as proof of address include:

  • a bank or building society statement
  • a Council Tax bill
  • any official HMRC or DWP documentation

You can send copies by email to [email protected].

If you have a Blue Badge issued by another local authority

If you've moved into Buckinghamshire and have been issued with a Blue Badge from another local authority, you should tell the issuing authority that you've changed address.

You can carry on using your current badge but you should apply for a new Blue Badge in Buckinghamshire before it expires.

If you're moving out of Buckinghamshire, you should apply for a new Blue Badge with your new local authority before your Buckinghamshire badge expires.