Cultivation licence terms and conditions

  1. No hole should be dug to a greater depth than 1 metre in connection with the planting of trees, shrubs or plants under this licence. Nor should any hole be dug within 1 metre of the line of any apparatus of statutory undertakers, sewage authority or the post office in the highway.
  2. Under this licence, no tree, shrub or plant should be planted that:
    • is of a poisonous nature (whether by reason of fruit, flowers, leaves or otherwise)
    • is likely to constitute a source of danger to person or animals on the highway
  1. All tree, shrub or plants to which this licence relates shall be properly cut, pruned and trimmed at all times during the continuance of this licence. No tree, shrub or plant is allowed to obstruct or interfere with or to become a source of danger to users of the carriageway, footway, footpath or to overhang the premises of any person.
  2. The licensee will keep the highway in a trim and tidy condition. All grass planted or maintained in pursuance of this licence will be regularly cut or mown. No trees, shrubs or plants can cause a visibility obstruction to road users. Planting of trees, shrubs and flowers will only be considered on highway land where there are no residential properties directly affected by this planting.
  3. The council can lop, prune, cut or trim any tree, shrub or grass without notice to the licensee if any tree, shrub or plant to which this licence relates is, or is likely to:
    1. obstruct or interfere with users of the carriageway, footway or footpath
    2. be a source of danger to users of the carriageway, footway, footpath
    3. overhang third parties property

The council can also cut or mow any grass to which this licence relates that is not being regularly cut or mown.

All cost will recovered from the licensee for this work.

This licence is only valid for a period of 12 months from the date of this letter and would need to be applied for again if this licence is needed for a further 12 months.