The HS2 Road Safety Fund

HS2 Road Safety Fund: after you apply

After submitting your application, we will assess it in a 2 stage process.

Both stages of the assessment will be completed by a Working Group which will include representation from Buckinghamshire Council Strategic Transport and Infrastructure, Network Safety, Highways Infrastructure Projects, as well as Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB).

Stage 1 assessment

In the first stage of assessing your application, TfB will provide initial indicative costs for proposals, if these are not already provided in the application.

We then score and rank applications against the following assessment criteria and those that fall below the threshold will not be taken forward.

Applications are more likely to be successful if:

  • there is a history of accidents and this is likely to be improved by the proposed scheme
  • the scheme is projected to have long term benefits
  • HS2 construction has a large impact on the local community in terms of road safety
  • the scheme is linked with council strategy or policy– e.g. with Buckinghamshire Local Transport Plan
  • the projected cost of the scheme is low
  • the applicant offers to provide a financial contribution to the scheme
  • the ongoing costs to ensure the scheme maintains it's effectiveness are low
  • there are few, if any, risks or issues which could effect the cost or delivery of the scheme
  • the applicant hasn't secured any funding, undertakings or assurances from HS2 Ltd that would effect the need for the scheme (ie where HS2 Ltd have already offered to implement measures)

Stage 2 assessment

Once we have a better of idea of the costs and issues involved, we refine applications further.

Recommendations on which proposals to fund will be made to the HS2 Road Safety Board. The board then makes their final recommendations to HS2 Ltd for approval.

You will be informed of the outcomes at each stage of the assessment process.

Ongoing costs and maintenance

All road safety schemes will require ongoing costs to maintain their effectiveness.

In some cases, ongoing costs may be able to be met from TfB’s maintenance budget.

Where this is not the case, any future maintenance/replacements would have to be funded by the applicant. Applicants will be advised if this is the case.