The HS2 Road Safety Fund


The government has made funding available to address issues that have been created or made worse by the construction of High Speed 2 (HS2).

Buckinghamshire has an HS2 Road Safety Fund of £3.95 million, which will be allocated in a series of tranches up to 2026.


The funding can be used towards the costs of:

  • traffic calming measures
  • safer pedestrian crossings
  • safer junctions for pedestrians, equestrians, cyclists and drivers

Tranche 1

In 2021, £1 million was made available for the first tranche of funding.

We received 35 applications for road safety schemes with an estimated total cost in excess of £4 million.

We have now approved 17 schemes which will contribute to a long term legacy of safer roads.

Approved schemes for tranche 1

The following road safety schemes have been approved by Buckinghamshire Council for delivery:

  • Speed Indicator Devices for use at Westbury, Quainton and Waddesdon
  • improved visibility of School Hill/Werner Terrace junction at Charndon
  • white edge marking to various stretches of the A4010
  • improved visibility of Bradenham Wood Lane junction with the A4010
  • traffic calming measures on the A4010 at Bradenham and improved warnings/visibility of the Chiltern Rail bridge
  • a pedestrian crossing outside Hyde Heath Infant School
  • a shared surface foot/cyclepath between Gaydon and the Freemantle Nursing Home
  • a pedestrian crossing on A422 at Westbury
  • traffic calming measures on A4010 at Saunderton
  • traffic calming measures at entrances to Water Stratford
  • an upgrade (including provision for cyclists) and improved visibility of zebra crossing outside Stoke Mandeville Combined School
  • parking restrictions around bus stops on Brackley Lane at Calvert
  • installation of high kerbing to prevent parking outside the Esso and BP/M&S petrol stations on A40 at Denham

View the location of the approved schemes on a map.

If you have any queries please send an email to [email protected] .

Tranche 2

In 2022, £1.6 million has been made available for tranche 2 of the scheme.

This is open for applications between Tuesday 1 March and Tuesday 31 May 2022.

The assessment criteria used are similar to those used for tranche 1, but will also prioritise schemes where there has been the greatest impact on road safety as a result of HS2 construction.