Claim for damage caused by roads or pavements

Report the problem on the road or footpath that caused the damage and obtain a reference number before making a claim.

Claim now

Your claim will only be successful if we have been proven to be negligent.

Where we're not responsible

There may be times where we're not responsible for the location or defect that caused your incident.

In those instances, your claim will be sent to a third party.

Make an appeal

You can dispute the decision of your claim if you:

In order for us to reconsider our decision, you will need to provide more evidence to support your claim.

What happens after you've made an appeal

We will:

  • re-investigate your appeal as soon as we receive it
  • issue a response to you within 28 days

If we cannot provide a full response, we will ensure that you are kept informed of the process.

We will only review your claim once at appeal. Any further requests will be refused.

Public liability highways claims data

We are required to publish data showing the:

  • number of highways property damage claims received
  • number of those claims paid
  • total value of those paid out each year

This data relates to all claims received with an incident date within each calendar year. This information is updated quarterly.

Year Total number of claims received Number of claims paid Total value of claims paid (£)
2019 846 52 107536.02
2020 935 38 43296.17
2021 915 78 57996.12
2022 356 6 2343.60

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