You can’t evade the law when it comes to fly-tipping in Bucks

A man from London has discovered that trying to evade the law doesn’t pay when it comes to fly-tipping in Buckinghamshire.

Abdul Azim, 43, from London, was arrested by police after failing to attend a court summons in April regarding a fly-tipping offence in Gerrards Cross in December 2022. Appearing before magistrates at High Wycombe Magistrates Court on 10 May, Azim finally pleaded guilty to the charge.

Azim was traced when a Buckinghamshire Council enforcement officer attended Lower Road in Gerrards Cross to investigate a report of fly-tipping. The source of the waste was discovered to be a householder in West London. Statistics show that around 70% of waste fly-tipped in Buckinghamshire comes from London and areas outside the county. The householder was interviewed and told council officers that she had hired Azim as a contractor to carry out some minor DIY works and to dispose of some waste for her.

In court Azim admitted dumping some of the waste found and revealed he had lost his job because of the incident and subsequently his home because he could no longer afford the rent. He admitted that the whole incident was, “a harsh lesson learnt”.

Azim was fined £200 and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £80 and £1,140 towards the council’s costs, making a total to pay of £1,360.

Gareth Williams, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment said: “This was a protracted investigation involving several different witnesses and once again shows that we have a proactive enforcement team who actively target fly-tipping. They will vigorously pursue offenders and wherever possible see that they are made accountable for their actions.”

If you spot fly-tipping anywhere in Buckinghamshire report it online.