Shining a light on streetlight repairs

Buckinghamshire Council is making steady progress with its plan to upgrade and fix broken street lights around the county.

Since April this year, crews have fixed more than 1,150 broken or damaged streetlights, alongside the ongoing programme to upgrade all lanterns to use more energy efficient LED bulbs.

Steven Broadbent, Cabinet Member for Transport said:

"Our programme to fix the broken streetlights in the county has made significant progress since April. Buckinghamshire Highways crews have worked at pace throughout the spring and summer to get through as many jobs as possible before the clocks went back. We have more on our list to fix and work continues to achieve this. The majority of the outstanding jobs are reliant on waiting for the correct parts to be in stock, or for additional work to be undertaken by the responsible electricity company. Once available, we will complete these repairs as quickly as possible."

The council’s programme to upgrade all lanterns to LED bulbs is near completion. The newer bulbs are brighter and far more energy efficient than the older style sodium bulbs, and last on average an extra six to seven years before they need replacing.

If you spot a broken streetlight, report it using Fix My Street.

Steven explained: "Reporting any problem relating to highways or footpaths using Fix My Street is by far the quickest and easiest way to let us know about an issue in your local area. All reports are logged with a reference number so you can check on progress being made. Faults are investigated by our local crews and any repairs or work needed will be programmed into the schedule."