Please park considerately on the school run

As schools return after the Easter holidays, parents and carers dropping children off by car are being given a timely reminder to #Beconsiderate about how and where they park or stop, to help keep everyone safe.

Buckinghamshire Council is relaunching its #Beconsiderate campaign which seeks to remind those who hop in the car to do the school run, to think about the safety of pedestrians and other road users when they stop to drop their children off.

Many children are taken to and from school by car every day. Sometimes in the rush to get there on time, it can be tempting to pull onto the kerb or part way onto a driveway, stop on zig zag lines or even pull into a bus stop. While it may seem like a harmless thing to do, vehicles blocking pavements and footpaths, even if just for a short time, often means pedestrians, which can include young children, those with limited mobility and older people, are forced to go into the road to get past, which can be extremely dangerous. Similarly, part blocking a private driveway or lowered kerb can prevent larger vehicles including emergency ambulances and fire engines from getting through and parking in or near a bus stop can lead to unnecessary traffic queues. It is also important not to block the visibility for school crossing patrollers when they are assisting families on their way to school safely.

Steven Broadbent, Buckinghamshire Council’s Cabinet Member for Transport said: “We know that the majority of drivers do consider pedestrians and other road users when they park, but we want to say to all motorists - Have you thought about the impact to others when you pull up onto the kerb? You could be forcing a wheelchair user, a parent with a buggy or anyone walking on the pavement to have to step into the road because you are blocking their pathway. We know most people don’t deliberately try to cause issues, but inconsiderate parking can be dangerous for everyone, so we are asking people to think carefully about where they stop and to try and avoid blocking access for all other road users and pedestrians.

Steven added: "It is also worth being aware, anyone caught infringing parking restrictions in this way risks receiving a fixed penalty notice from our civil enforcement officers, so could also find themselves financially out of pocket."

Buckinghamshire Council’s School’s Sustainable Transport Team works with schools to encourage using other methods of transport to get to and from school, including walking, cycling or wheeling. Not only does save money on fuel, it avoids the stress of parking, keeps children active and is better for the environment. If parents must drive, parking away from the school and walking rest of the way can also ease congestion that often takes place directly outside the school.

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