Buckinghamshire Council making major strides towards net zero

Buckinghamshire Council has released a report, showing a 73.4% reduction in carbon emissions.

Buckinghamshire Council has released its latest climate change progress report, showing an impressive 73.4% reduction in carbon emissions compared to 1990 levels, keeping it on target to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. This builds upon the 70% reduction reported last year and leaves the council on track to stay within its 7-year carbon budget.

The council’s wide-ranging efforts over the last 12 months include planting over 145,000 trees, establishing new woodlands, and securing funding for Buckinghamshire's first two ‘Tiny Forests.’ We have also made strides in sustainable transportation by improving walking, wheeling and cycling routes such as the Platinum Way, and launching an on-demand bus service in High Wycombe.

"This substantial carbon emissions reduction demonstrates our commitment and tangible progress towards fighting climate change in Buckinghamshire," said Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Climate Change & Environment. "I'm proud of what we have achieved over the past year, from record-breaking tree planting to helping over 150 households reduce their energy consumption and costs as a result of visits by our Energy Doctors."

To help Buckinghamshire residents reduce their carbon footprint, the council has also supported schemes like Sustainable Warmth and Solar Together, with the latter scheme facilitating the installation of over 4,356 solar panels in the county.

Gareth added, “Our commitment is long-term, and we will keep pursuing substantial emissions reductions in the years ahead through steps like electrifying our fleet vehicles, rolling out up to £500,000 of energy efficiency upgrades to homes not connected to the gas grid, and continuing with our ambitious tree planting efforts. We appreciate businesses, partners, schools and community groups joining the Bucks Climate Challenge to make this progress possible. Together, we can make Buckinghamshire more sustainable for current and future generations.”

If you would like to make a small change to make a big difference to the planet and your pocket, then check out the council’s top three tips:

  • reduce the amount of food you throw away
  • where possible, ditch the car and walk, wheel, cycle or use public transport
  • turn your heating down to 18°C if you have it warmer, unless you’re older, young or unwell

Visit the Bucks Climate Challenge webpage for more tips and advice. You’ll also be able to get support if you’re struggling with household bills or accessing food.

To find out more about the council’s journey to net zero, please take a look at the Climate Change and Air Quality Strategy.