Library services for the blind and visually impaired

If you are a member of the library and have a visual impairment, you can make use of our large print books collection.

We also stock a large number of audiobooks and eAudiobooks.

Talking books from RNIB

Visually impaired library members can sign up for free for the RNIB Reading Services online library.

Computer access

All of our public computers have large screens and Microsoft Windows 10 accessibility features. Every library can provide a high contrast keyboard with large letters.

Our library staff also have disability awareness training and can help adjust computer settings. Visually impaired people can use library computers free of charge.

Support with your digital devices

You can book free sessions to help you get the most out of your digital devices at libraries in:

  • Amersham
  • Aylesbury
  • Buckingham
  • High Wycombe

Book your session by contacting us.
Email: [email protected]