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Burnham Community Library

Opening times

Day Opening times




9:30am to 7pm


9:30am to 5pm


9:30am to 5pm


9:30am to 5pm


10am to 4pm



Buckinghamshire libraries will be closed on bank holidays unless stated otherwise.

Support with council services

Access a range of council services at our council access point within the library.

Our trained staff and volunteers are on hand to help with common queries, such as reporting a pothole or ordering a replacement bin.

You can also use the self-service computers to access services online or use the phones to speak to a relevant member of staff.

For more complex queries, such as housing, Council Tax and planning applications, visit our access plus centres based in Aylesbury, High Wycombe, and Amersham.

What's on at Burnham Community Library


  • Public internet and computer access
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Computer for customers with visual impairment
  • Free online references resources and eLibrary
  • Photocopying
  • Scanning
  • Printing
  • Hublets
  • Enquire about a meeting room

Community libraries

Community libraries are managed in a variety of ways. Some are entirely managed by local community organisations and volunteers and some are jointly managed with Buckinghamshire Council.

You can use your Buckinghamshire library membership card in a community library and reserve items as usual. 

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Burnham Community Library
Windsor Lane

Safe Place Scheme

Burnham Community Library is a Safe Place where you can go to get help if you feel unsafe or at risk when you are out and about.

We will help you contact your support worker, family member, carer or the police. You will know it has a Safe Place as it will have a sticker in the window.