Crime reporting and protecting your community

Help if you are a victim of crime

If you are a victim of crime, help is not far away:

Safe Places

Our Safe Place Scheme gives vulnerable people a place to go if they are feeling lost, scared or confused when out in their local community.

You will be looked after by people who care, and they will get help from someone you trust.

All businesses who are part of the scheme will display a Safe Place sticker in their window.

The Safe Place Scheme membership sticker

To find a safe place near you, select the area you live in:

Ask for Angela

Ask for Angela helps to raise awareness of sexual violence and abuse. The aim is to stop harassment that is sometimes experienced across late night venues.

If you are feeling unsafe or threatened whilst on a date, you can alert the bar staff by asking for Angela. The bar staff will then defuse the situation or arrange to get you home safely.

All bars and pubs who are part of the scheme will display a poster in their public toilets.

The Ask for Angela sign that will be showing at bars and pubs who are part of the scheme.

To find premises that have signed up to Ask For Angela, select an area below:

Contact the community safety team

If you have a question about support if you are the victim of a crime that is not answered on this page, contact the community safety team.