Private rent scheme offer

We run a Private Rent Scheme that aims to help tenants find long term private rented accommodation through trusted local landlords.

Our purpose in running the Private Rent Scheme is to help residents who are in housing need and on a low-income gain access to accommodation within the private sector to prevent homelessness and provide safe, affordable accommodation to the residents of Buckinghamshire.

How it works

In order to qualify for his service we require our landlords to have met the following criteria:

  • to have up to date safety certifications, including EPC,Gas Cert and Electrical certificates
  • the accommodation needs to be in a good state of repair and structural condition
  • properties must offer tenants either the exclusive use of one room with shared facilities (known as a house in multiple occupation) or self contained properties of any size.
  • set a fair rent which falls within or close to the Local Housing Allowance rate, rates vary across Buckinghamshire. Search for local rates

Benefits of working with us

Landlords who choose to work with the council will benefit from:

  • a deposit guarantee (normally five weeks rent) against losses; damage that exceeds fair wear and tear, except that caused by a third party and rent arrears
  • a choice of potential tenants who are ready to move in, enabling you to fill vacant properties quickly, therefore helping to prevent rent voids
  • affordability assessments completed for all potential tenants before they are introduced to you.
  • one month’s rent in advance payment to cover Universal Credit set up time for our residents who are in receipt of benefits.
  • advice, support and information from the private rent officers for the duration of the tenancy.
  • tenancy administration including providing the tenancy agreement, inventory, and scheme rules.
  • regular scheduled Inspections and visits to ensure a smooth long term let.
  • access to information and attendance at the councils Landlord Forum events.

Landlord forum

We work with the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) which is the UK's largest membership organisation for private residential landlords.

The council works with the NRLA to deliver local landlord forums to give landlords the latest information on policy changes and any matters of interest and includes guest speakers. Landlords working with the council are invited to attend, regardless of whether you are a member of the NRLA.

Contact us

Whether you own a single property or a larger portfolio, if you are interested in discussing working with us contact us at:

email: [email protected]

Landlord accreditation scheme:

We promote the National Landlords Association’s Accreditation Scheme. View the Landlords website for further details.

Landlord information:

For the most up to date information on renting out all or part of your home, view the following websites:

Resident and tenant information

The council’s private rent scheme is used to assist residents to find alternative affordable housing who are at risk of losing their home and or may have become homeless for a number of reasons. The council may make an offer of private rented housing to you if you are receiving help from our homeless service or if you have circumstances that mean that you cannot remain in your current home, such as worsening medical issues.

As a tenant of our private rent scheme, we will assist you by providing:

  • an affordability assessment by one of our officers to ensure the property is affordable long term for you and your family.
  • suitability assessment to make sure the property is suitable for your needs.
  • support completing paperwork, where needed.
  • accompanied viewing of the property by one of our officers
  • help setting up your Universal Credit payments, if required, to your new landlord and support with arranging other bills, if needed.
  • regular visits to you, including inspections, from a private rent officer to ensure a long term successful let.

To qualify for the scheme, you must:

  • be working with our homelessness team.
  • provide various paperwork to us, for example bank statements and payslips.
  • work with us to complete all necessary affordability checks as requested.
  • we may require a credit check in some cases and we will carry this out with your consent.

Your homelessness advisor will speak to you about the scheme but if you would like further information or to speak with one of our private rent officers contact:

email: [email protected]