Affordable housing options

Affordable housing is housing provided below the market rate to specified eligible households. Homes can be for rent or intermediate tenure, such as shared ownership. 

The council works with housing associations to deliver affordable housing across the Buckinghamshire Council area.

Own Your Home

There are a number of government initiatives which can assist people into home ownership. For many people this may provide the best opportunity of owning a home in the area they want to live and work.

For further information, visit Own your home and the GOV.UK affordable home ownership schemes page.

Shared ownership – new build and re-sales

Shared ownership is designed for those who cannot afford to purchase a property on the open market.  The scheme allows you to purchase a percentage share of the property and pay subsidised rent on the remaining share to the housing association selling the property.

The scheme can be available on new build and also second hand properties, known as re-sale shared ownership.  These are homes previously purchased through the scheme and now available to be sold.

First homes

The government has launched the First Homes scheme - a new scheme which offers a discount on new homes for first time buyers. For more information, visit: First Homes Scheme

Right to buy/right to acquire

If you are a housing association tenant you may have the right to purchase your home. Speak to your landlord in the first instance to find out what you are eligible for.