Disabled facilities grant

If you have a disability, you could get a grant from us to make changes to your home. This will make it easier to get around it and to essential facilities within it.

This might include:

  • widening doorways
  • installing ramps
  • installing a stairlift
  • installing a walk in shower instead of a bath


The grant is available to home owners and tenants. It is means tested, except where the work is for a disabled child. Your income and savings will be looked at to decide whether you will get a grant.

The Foundations website offers the opportunity for a self assessment to see if you're eligible for a DFG (Disabled Facilities Grant).

How to apply

To see if you qualify for this grant, you will need an assessment by an occupational therapist. If the occupational therapist agrees that major changes to your home are necessary and appropriate, they will refer you to the council’s Grants and Adaptations Team. The team will explain how to apply for the grant.

Contact an Occupational Therapist



Contact the Grants & Adaptations Team

Further information