Housing Debt Advice Team

To be referred to us, complete the housing referral portal.

You will need to speak to a homelessness advisor and meet the criteria: You will need to be in housing related debt, rent or mortgage arrears:

  • your rent or mortgage arrears place you at risk of homelessness within 56 days
  • you will then be referred for an initial appointment with a Debt Advisor.

During the appointment

  • the initial appointment will usually be over the telephone unless you are required to complete necessary urgent paperwork
  • should you require a face to face appointment if you struggle with communication and/or are considered vulnerable, please ask

What we can do

  • give you advice on budgeting your money better
  • advice on benefit entitlement
  • negotiate affordable repayments with your creditors
  • advise you of your rights
  • negotiate an affordable payment plan with your lender

What we will ask you to provide

  • proof of income
  • bank statements
  • benefits details
  • details of all debts