Housing advice for victims of domestic abuse

If you are a victim of domestic abuse and you need to move to keep yourself and your family safe you can contact any local authority to make a homeless application. This is particularly important if you are not safe in your current accommodation.

If you are a tenant of a housing association, you should also speak with them. They may have homes in other areas and be able to assist you to move and avoid the need for you to move into temporary accommodation.

Women's Refuges

Women's refuges offer accommodation for women and their children who are suffering from domestic abuse, this could be emotional or physical abuse from a partner or member of their family.

They are ordinary houses, shared by other women and their children. Women do not have to go to a refuge in their own area, and the address is kept secret to protect women from those they have fled.

These organisations can help you:

Aylesbury Women's Aid

Get in contact:

Wycombe Women's Aid

Get in contact:

If you need 24 hour help

The Samaritans

Call and ask for Women's Aid in Buckinghamshire

tel: 01494 432 000