Gossmore Recreation Ground (Marlow)


Gossmore Lane, Marlow, SL7 1SZ

Buckinghamshire Council owns the driveway, car park and the land from the car park to the river. Marlow Town Council owns the land from Gossmore Lane down to the car park.

Restricted items

There are some items you cannot use in Buckinghamshire Council open spaces in the Wycombe area. This includes:

  • remote controlled vehicles
  • drones
  • metal detecting equipment


Gossmore recreation grounds provides walking access to the river Thames footpath from the car park. The path runs upstream to Marlow town centre via Pergola Field and downstream to Riverwoods and on to Bourne End

  • there are several football pitches on Marlow Town Council's land plus an open playing field
  • Buckinghamshire Council owns public toilets close to Gossmore Lane, including a disabled toilet

Damage or vandalism

Occasionally sites may be subject to misuse or acts of vandalism, which can result in damaged play equipment, graffiti, broken glass or other such issues. In the event that you find a problem at one of our play spaces let us know.

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