Buckinghamshire Health and Wellbeing Board

About us

The Buckinghamshire Health and Wellbeing Board includes people from Buckinghamshire Council, Healthwatch, NHS, Public Health and the voluntary sector.

We meet in public at least 4 times a year and work together to:

  • understand and improve the health and wellbeing needs of the Buckinghamshire population
  • encourage the people who buy health and care services to work in a more joined up way

Find out more about our membership and responsibilities (moderngov.co.uk).

Our aims

We aim to:

  • make a visible difference to health outcomes and reduce health inequalities across the county ​
  • put residents at the heart of our work
  • deliver our statutory responsibilities and drive integration for health and wellbeing across Buckinghamshire, this means that for Buckinghamshire residents health and social care will be more joined up

Our partners

Acronym buster

We are committed to using clear, concise language and avoiding the use of acronyms where possible.

If we've used an acronym that you don't understand, see our acronym buster (PDF, 115 KB).