Request an environmental search for contaminated land

Use this service to check if land has been contaminated due to:

  • industrial purposes
  • chemical works
  • manufacturing processes being carried out

The search is based on records held by the Strategic Environmental Protection Team for contaminated land.


Email [email protected] to ask about the fees.

How to make a request

Request a search by emailing [email protected].

You'll need to provide:

  • your details
  • details of the land, including address and National Grid Reference (if known)
  • a map showing the extent of the search area
  • list of questions you would like answered

After you make your request

A search will be carried out to gather and analyse data from a number of sources.

A site visit may also be carried out to gather supplementary information, although this is not always necessary.

You'll receive an email response to your query with the information request (where available).

Contact the environmental health team