What to do after a flood

Contact your insurance company

If you’ve been flooded, contact your insurance company and follow their advice.

Check if you can return

You should not re-enter your home until you’re told it’s safe to do so.

You should make sure a qualified electrician has checked it’s safe before using any:

  • appliances
  • heating systems
  • sewage systems

Your property or business may also need a safety inspection by the utility companies before you can turn the water, gas and electricity back on.

Find your local flood action group or flood warden

See our information on flood action groups.

Clean up

When cleaning up, you’ll need to:

  • ensure you always wear gloves, a face mask and sturdy footwear
  • take care with electrics and gas
  • wash any clothes that you’ve worn while cleaning
  • clean and disinfect any hard surfaces or cutlery
  • wash soft items on a 60 degree cycle

See further advice on GOV.UK on how to keep you and your family safe while cleaning up your flooded home.