Protect your property or business from flooding

How to prepare for a flood

Flood resistance is about reducing the risk of water getting into a property.

Resistance measures often involve preventing water entering the property in the first place, and a combination of products can be used.

These can include:

  • flood boards and doors
  • air brick covers
  • non-return valves
  • pumps
  • toilet bungs

Each property is different, and not all properties are suitable for resistance measures, so it's important that measures are designed for the flood risk, the building and the lifestyle of those living in the property.

You can find out more about using flood resistant products and how to make your property more resilient to flooding on the National Flood Forum website.

Check your insurance policy

You should make sure you have adequate insurance cover to protect your property from flooding.

It can sometimes be difficult to get flood insurance if you live in a high risk area.

Read the guide from the Environment Agency for information about how to get a suitable policy.

Property protection advice tool

Visit the National Flood Forum and use their online property protection tool to check your flood resistance options.

This tool will provide an initial estimate of the costs of resistance measures for different types of properties.