Check if the area you live in is at risk of flooding

Check the long term flood risk of an area

You can check the long term flood risk of an area on GOV.UK.

This service will tell you about the risk from:

  • rivers and the sea
  • reservoirs
  • surface water, known as flash flooding, when rainwater does not drain away but flows over the ground

You can view reports for areas at risk of groundwater flooding and monthly water situation reports on the Environment Agency website.

You can also see how we investigate flooding incidents and view our flood investigation reports.

Get notified about flooding

You can check for flooding on GOV.UK. This service provides:

  • flood warnings or alerts
  • your flood risk in the next 5 days
  • river, sea, groundwater and rainfall levels

You can also sign up to receive flood warnings from GOV.UK via email, text or phone call. These warnings are only available for flooding from main rivers.

Talk to local residents

You can also talk to your neighbours or visit your local library or church to find out if there has been any flooding in the past in your area.