Noise from a construction site

If you’re being disturbed by unreasonable noise from a construction site we may be able to take enforcement action to control it.

As some noise is inevitable on construction sites, we’ll always work towards the best solution for all concerned.

When construction work should take place

As a guide, noisy activities should only take place:

  • Monday to Friday - from 8am until 6pm
  • Saturday - from 8am until 1pm

There should be no intrusive noise on Sundays, Bank Holidays and Public Holidays.

For reasons such as traffic safety and flow on the highway and railway maintenance, some works will take place overnight.

How to report to us

Keep a noise diary

If you are being continuously disturbed by construction site noise, you should keep a noise diary (.docx, 34.3KB) for a minimum of 2 weeks.

It will need to show the time and duration of when the noise occurred.

You'll need this if you want to make a formal report to us.

Report online

You can report construction site noise to us online .

You’ll also need to send us your noise diary.

Report now

If we agree the site’s noise is causing a nuisance

We can impose restrictions on construction sites where we believe they’ll create a nuisance to neighbouring homes and commercial premises.

We may impose restrictions on:

  • particular plant or machinery to be used
  • the hours of use for plant or machinery
  • the noise level of works