Check if you need permission to install biodiscs

A biodisc is a sewage treatment plant that:

  • can serve multiple properties
  • be more appropriate than many septic tanks (but require constant electricity to operate)

You'll need to ask for permission to install a biodisc.

How to check

To apply for permission to install a biodisc system, you'll need to contact our building control team.

Maintenance and repairs

You're responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the systems and ensuring they do not leak or overflow.

If your systems are found to be contaminating land, you may face enforcement action from us under the Public Health Act.

If your waste will discharge to a watercourse

If waste is required t discharge into a watercourse you'll need a permit from the environmental agency

Contact building control

North and Central Team: [email protected]

East and South Team: [email protected]

West Team: [email protected]