Check if you need permission to install a cesspool

Cesspools and cesspits are covered watertight tanks that collect and store sewage. No treatment of the sewage occurs in the tank, and it will require frequent emptying.

You may need permission from us to install a cesspool or cesspit.

How to check

To check if you need permission to install a cesspool, you'll need to contact our building control team.

Maintenance and repairs

You're responsible for the maintenance and repairs of the systems and ensuring they do not leak or overflow.

If your systems are found to be contaminating land, you may face enforcement action from us under the Public Health Act.


Cesspools should be located no closer than 15 metres from your house.


Under building regulations, the minimum capacity is 18 cubic metres, or at least 45 days storage.

Your cesspool should not collect rainwater.

Contact building control

North and Central Team: [email protected]

East and South Team: [email protected]

West Team: [email protected]