Training for those who support victims of abuse

Buckinghamshire Domestic Violence and Abuse Strategy

The Buckinghamshire Domestic Violence and Abuse Strategy provides a framework for providing domestic abuse support in the county, including training for people and organisations that support victims.

The Buckinghamshire Champions Network and DASH risk checklist are critical to delivery of the strategy.

Buckinghamshire Champions Network

Domestic abuse champions are individuals who help to coordinate between organisations so that victims get effective, consistent and comprehensive support. This multi-agency working increases identification of domestic abuse and reduces the proportion of repeat incidents and the impact on those experiencing domestic abuse.

Being part of the Buckinghamshire Champions Network ensures we give the best possible support to those suffering from domestic violence and abuse in Buckinghamshire.

Information about the role of a Champion and training available is available on the DA Champion training page on the Reducing the Risk website.

The DASH risk checklist

The DASH risk checklist (Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Harassment and Honour Based Violence) helps trained health and social care professionals and the police to assess the risk level of domestic abuse victims.

The checklist identifies vulnerabilities such as mental ill health, financial dependency and disability. High and medium risk victims receive support from independent domestic violence advisors (IDVA), and may be referred to a multi-agency risk assessment conference (MARAC). Domestic abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere, any time, however we know that some people are more likely to be victims of domestic abuse due to their unique characteristics or vulnerabilities.

If you are concerned about risk to a child or children, you should make a referral to ensure that a full assessment of their safety and welfare is made