Town and Parish Charter

Providing services and enabling collaboration

To provide effective services and collaboration, we will:

  • encourage Buckinghamshire ward councillors to attend parish and town council meetings
  • ensure there are opportunities to comment on proposed changes to services that will significantly impact parish and town councils
  • provide early communication and support in all financial transactions with parish and town councils including precept payments and invoices for the administration of elections, polls and referendums
  • work with Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes Association of Local Councils (BMKALC) to provide training, support and resources to assist parish and town councils including specific training or briefing sessions, for example; standards, planning, local neighbourhood plans and local emergency plans
  • provide specifications for relevant services along with procedures for monitoring and reporting any developing service issues
  • improve and agree response times for key services to respond to information requests from parish and town councils
  • support parish and town councils to address local needs through the provision of advice and signposting