Town and Parish Charter

Enabling effective communications

To enable effective communication, Buckinghamshire Council will:

  • appoint a cabinet member as the council’s lead for relationships with parish and town councils and the champion of local councils
  • establish a senior role within the Policy and Partnerships team to lead on strategic relationships with parish and town councils and local associations
  • provide a single priority telephone number and email for parish and town councils and a list of key officer contacts (updated every 6 months) to use when contacting Buckinghamshire Council
  • provide a list of all Buckinghamshire Councillors and their contact details on the Buckinghamshire Council website
  • ensure a wide range of effective channels are in place to enable two-way communication, spanning all levels of the organisation, including focus groups and local meetings to address issues around service delivery where necessary
  • work in partnership to explore further opportunities for devolution where this will benefit local communities, in accordance with Buckinghamshire Council policies*
  • provide parish councils with advance notice/schedule of consultations and aim to allow at least 6 weeks for responses wherever possible
  • work towards developing a consistent approach to producing summary reports for lengthy consultations and briefings on complex issues, which include a focus on implications for parish councils

*We recognised that not all parish and town councils have the resources or the desire to take on additional services and assets and there is no compulsion or expectation to do so.