South West Chilterns Community Board

Chair - Dominic Barnes

Deputy Chair - Neil Marshall

Board Manager - Makyla Devlin

Email: [email protected]

For the latest updates from our community board, visit our Facebook page.

The full Community Board membership and details of meetings is available on the Local Democracy South West Chilterns Community Board page.

The South West Chilterns Community Board covers the following town and parish areas:

  • Fawley
  • Great Marlow
  • Hambleden
  • Hedsor
  • Ibstone
  • Lane End
  • Little Marlow
  • Marlow
  • Marlow Bottom
  • Medmenham
  • Turville
  • Wooburn and Bourne End

View our map to check the area or parish that you live in.

Our priorities

Each year we will look at what matters to our local area the most, using data and local intelligence to help us determine the priorities our board will focus on. Some of this information can be found in the South West Chilterns Local Profile (PDF document). You can also view the Public Health profile of the area.

We will involve residents, partners, local groups and organisations in understanding what the local issues and priorities are.

Priorities for 2022/23 are:

  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Rural Broadband
  • Young and Older People
  • Economic Regeneration and Development
  • Highways and Infrastructure
  • Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

These priorities will help us determine where we take action and allocate funding to improve the local area.

Apply for funding

If you have a project that relates to one of the priorities above, you can apply for funding online.

Action Groups

We take actions on issues linked to our priorities. To do this, we have Action groups that bring together board members and representatives from the community and relevant partner organisations.

Action groups identify and discuss issues linked to our priorities, and we consider project ideas and requests for funding linked to these issues. These include:

  • Transport and Highways
  • Economic Recovery and Development
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Community Engagement

If you're interested in getting involved with one of the action groups or would like to discuss an idea you may have for a project, contact us at [email protected].

Meetings to discuss the following priorities will be held at the dates and times below. These are currently being held on Microsoft Teams.

Transport and Highways

  • 16 June 2022 at 6:30pm
  • 7 July 2022 at 6:30pm
  • 1 September 2022 at 6:30pm
  • 6 October 2022 at 6:30pm
  • 3 November 2022 at 6:30pm
  • 1 December 2022 at 6:30pm

Environment and Climate Change

  • 28 July 2022 at 6:30pm
  • 22 September 2022 at 6:30pm
  • 28 October 2022 at 6:30pm
  • 24 November at 6:30pm

Community Engagement

  • 16 June 2022 at 4:30pm
  • 21 July 2022 at 4:30pm
  • 15 September 2022 at 4:30pm
  • 20 October 2022 at 4:30pm
  • 17 November 2022 at 4:30pm
  • 15 December 2022 at 4:30pm

Economic Regeneration and Development

  • 14 July 2022 at 6:30pm
  • 8 September 2022 at 6:30pm
  • 12 October 2022 at 6:30pm
  • 10 November 2022 at 6:30pm
  • 8 December 2022 at 6:30pm

Get Involved

If you join your community board, you'll be able to have your say on issues that affect your area. How involved you become is up to you. We'll:

  • invite you to our board meetings and events
  • give you the opportunity to get involved with our working groups
  • let you know about local consultations
  • share information on funding for communities

If you would like to find out more about your local Community Board, contact us at [email protected].