Terms and conditions for the supply of consultancy of services to the council under a purchase order

1. Entire agreement

1.1 These Terms and Conditions apply to the relevant Purchase Order (PO) (together the Contract) which is placed by Buckinghamshire Council (the Council) with the individual, firm or company (the Consultant) named in the PO for the provision of the consultancy services described in it (the Services).

1.2 This Contract comprises the entire agreement between the Council and the Consultant in relation to the Services and no terms or conditions in, or attached to, any catalogue, invoice or other sales literature or document or tender or dispatch/delivery note of the Consultant which are inconsistent with the Contract, or which purport to add to or vary them in any way, shall have any effect and are hereby expressly excluded from the Contract.

1.3 The acceptance of any Services shall not constitute, or be deemed