Order a document from the coroner service

Use this service to order copies of:

  • post mortem reports
  • archived files
  • a disk recording of an inquest hearing for a death


Item Fee

An archived file


Checking a transcribed inquest recording


Post mortem examination report


Recording of an inquest hearing


The stated fees payable to Buckinghamshire Council include all statutory fees payable to the coroner as prescribed from time to time.

How to order

You can order copy documents if:

  • the death occurred in Buckinghamshire
  • the death was dealt with by the Buckinghamshire Coroner’s Office
  • you're an 'interested person' or a 'proper person' in the case

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You should allow 8 working weeks to process your request.

If you need a death certificate

Help with your order

If you need any help with your order, email [email protected].