Stoke Poges Memorial Gardens Regulations

The Memorial Gardens are a Grade I registered park.

The following regulations ensure that the appearance and unity of the gardens is preserved in line with its original ethos.

There are areas of deep water in the gardens, keep children supervised at all times.


The gardens are a site of peace and tranquility, all visitors must conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner.

The following are not permitted:

  • ball games
  • picnics
  • cycling
  • dogs (assistance dogs are allowed)
  • alcohol
  • unsupervised children


Permission must be obtained from the office before any interment of ashes can proceed.

No unauthorised scatterings are allowed.

Flowers and containers

We do not permit:

  • glass jars
  • personalised vases
  • containers
  • baskets
  • pot plants
  • artificial flowers
  • ornaments
  • balloons
  • pictures

Any items that impede the maintenance or aesthetic appearance of the garden will be removed by the Council without prior notice.

Fresh flowers will only be permitted in the form of up to two green plastic vases kept in the porch by the office. Decorated vases are not permitted and will be removed.

All wrappings must be removed from cut flowers and placed in the bins provided by the office.

Scattering areas are to be kept clear, flowers may be placed under the Cedar tree or at edge of the Oak Dell.

Shrubs may only be planted in certain areas of the garden and only with the agreement of the Head Gardener. Anything planted without permission may be removed.

Put all green waste in the green bin for recycling.


Plaques or inscribed memorial stones must conform to a standard that matches existing memorials in the same area and are in keeping with the general appearance of the gardens. Memorials are the responsibility of the owner.

The council is not liable for any damage caused through acts of vandalism or for theft of memorials.

The council have the right to remove any items on plots or in gardens which have been placed without permission.

Memorials such as benches that are not being maintained and/or pose a risk to visitors will be removed. The owner will be liable to cover any costs incurred in removing the memorial or making it safe.